BC Creations LLC
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BC Creations is a head shop owned and operated
by Danny Parker a glass artist from Wisconsin. BC
Creations is your Aim Kilns Midwest and
Talkglass.com representative. Contact us if you are
in need of a new glass kiln made by the industry
leader in kiln manufacturing. Here at BC Creations
we mainly makes glass pipes but we also make
other things like glass jewelry, glass marbles, glass
motorcycles, glass sculptures and many other
things as well. Our contracted artists make new
stuff every day! We also have a large selection of
gems and minerals from all over the Earth. You can
also find a wide variety of silver and gold jewelry
and paintings made by local artists. Stop in the
store and check us out.

Make sure to check out our photos for a little taste
of what we have. Don't forget to facebook us.

Aim Kilns Midwest Rep, head shop,
wholesale glass pipes, local art and jewelry